Will Phoenix Rise From His Own Ashes?

Is Joaquin Phoenix…?

A) Truly giving up acting, or at least trying to act anymore
B) Still acting in a documentary
C) Serious about his rap career
D) On some sort of drug
E) Begging for attention since he’s been nominated twice for an Oscar but never won
F) A genius who cleverly mastered this plan to make his mark on society
G) All of the above except F

Last year Joaquin Phoenix announced on the David Letterman Show that he was retiring from making movies and starting a rap career. Throughout the interview, Phoenix seemed a bit spacey and aloof. Letterman made several comments that went right over Phoenix’s head and played right into the humor of the audience. Was this a well crafted publicity ploy or had Phoenix lost his marbles?

Now Phoenix is back with a documentary aptly titled, I’m Still Here. Did he feel like people had forgotten him and he just needed to make the announcement that he hadn’t been abducted by aliens? Or was this his intention all along? Tell everyone he’s retiring, go away and chase a crazy career as a rapper, and then return to people’s open and longing embraces. Well, it doesn’t look like people are getting behind him on this one.

You’ve got to be pretty amazing, or at least a winner in your art, to retire, chase down some crazy career, and then make a come back. Joaquin Phoenix is no Michael Jordan.

Based on this article from the Los Angeles Times, he’s already looking to get back into acting.

I haven’t seen the movie, because it’s not playing in any theaters around me, but the critics on Rotten Tomato seem divided on this one.

What are your thoughts? What do you think of Phoenix and his latest role?


Casey Affleck, brother to Ben Affleck and brother-in-law of Joaquin Phoenix, the director of I’m Still Here admitted today to the New York Times that the documentary was a fake. You can see the article here.

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2 Responses to Will Phoenix Rise From His Own Ashes?

  1. John Amos says:

    Just read the New York Times article and if nothing else, you’ve got to admit, at the very least that was dedication to the man’s strangest and probably most challenging role.

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