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Temple Grandin

The film demonstrates how autism and other forms of mental illness are different, as most autistic people are actually very intelligent and skilled in very particular areas, but struggle with discovering new territory and social interaction. And while the film does an excellent job of informing viewers about the nature and characteristics of Autism, it also succeeds as a well told story about a woman who was able to overcome the setbacks that the disorder presents. Continue reading

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Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps

Money Never Sleeps is the sequel to Oliver Stone’s original story, Wall Street. While most sequels pick up shortly after the original leaves off, Money Never Sleeps takes place over 20 years later after Gordon Gekko, the slimy money broker, … Continue reading

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Gone Baby Gone

There are plenty of controversial films to appear in cinemas around the country every week. It seems like a new¬†Saw movie comes out bi-monthly, certain to be loaded with plenty of gushing wounds, severed limbs and torture terror. There is … Continue reading

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The Town

Ben Affleck has done it all, and it might even be said that his best work is in the past, but fans and critics alike have shown their approval of Affleck’s latest work at writing, acting, and directing with The … Continue reading

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Will Phoenix Rise From His Own Ashes?

Is Joaquin Phoenix…? A) Truly giving up acting, or at least trying to act anymore B) Still acting in a documentary C) Serious about his rap career D) On some sort of drug E) Begging for attention since he’s been … Continue reading

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