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Inception Discussion #1

Let’s start with the end… How about that ending? I know everyone is talking about it, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet you should avoid any discussion of it like the plague. To truly enjoy the movie you … Continue reading

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My take on Inception

I’m a glass half-full type of person…I think. But after a third viewing of Inception, Christopher Nolan’s latest puzzle narrative, I’ve begun to question the feelings I have about that idiom and perhaps even my own – shall I say … Continue reading

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Inception – A Review *no spoilers*

“True inspiration is impossible to fake” and box office dollars are impossible to forge. When the public speaks with their wallets they can’t be ignored and the public loves Christopher Nolan‘s newest blockbuster: Inception. Nolan is always careful to keep … Continue reading

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Re-Casting the A-Team

Matt Bomer, Neal Caffrey from USA’s White Collar, would have made a better Faceman Peck than Bradley Cooper in the A-Team Movie. What do you think? What would have made the new A-Team movie better? Who would you have casted? … Continue reading

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